Grant Programs for Victims of Domestic Violence

The United States Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women offers a grant program to assist domestic violence survivors in getting financial help, making escape more realistic, and a real possibility, for all victims. The Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) currently administers 24 grant programs authorized by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994. More information about The Violence Against Women Act of 1994 can be found here. The grant program:

….is awarded to states and territories, enhances the capacity of local communities to develop and strengthen effective law enforcement and prosecution strategies to combat violent crimes against women and to develop and strengthen victim services in cases involving violent crimes against women.

Four of the twenty four programs were created with very specific and firm rules on how the funds are to be distributed. The four formula programs are Stop Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program, Sexual Assault Services Formula Grant Program, State and Territorial Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Coalitions Program, and Grants to Tribal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalitions Program. Here’s what OVW states on their website in regard to the grant programs:

These grant programs are designed to develop the nation’s capacity to reduce domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking by strengthening services to victims and holding offenders accountable..

I doubt very many people, particularly domestic violence victims, are even aware the federal grant programs for domestic violence exist, or how to apply for the grants. If you are a domestic violence victim and seeking assistance with your financial freedom, please click here for more information on how to apply for a grant, here to visit the website for, here to see the programs available, and here to educate yourself on applying for grants with Grants 101 at and following the timeline and procedures for the grant application process.

I’m going to be honest here: I spent well over an hour researching the grant programs and trying to find links to the actual forms needed to apply, and it is not easy to navigate the Department of Justice website; the website is even worse. However, I do think if you are a victim of domestic violence of any kind, the effort you end up putting in to applying for the grant programs will come back to you tenfold. And don’t give up. If you don’t get a grant this year, try again next year, and the year after, until you finally receive it, especially if your situation is more dire than average. Here are some websites I found which were very simple to navigate and where you’ll find applications for grants and other information:

There is one other offer I would like to throw out there. Being a freelance writer and blogger, I am able to and quite good, at writing grant proposals. In order to apply for grants you have to compose letters to the programs and they have to be formatted a certain way, certain things need to be included and they have to be sent to the proper department for handling. If you need any help with this, please email me and include your name and phone number so I may get back to you. If you don’t feel comfortable emailing me or asking for help, here is some information on grant proposal writing.

Thank you for reading and if you do apply for a grant through the Office on Violence Against Women, good luck to you, and you can contact me anytime if you need help. I would be happy to do whatever I can to help you. Email me:



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