Welcome to emotional abuse hurts. This blog covers a very sensitive social issue, though it’s a subject that is rarely discussed with our friends, isn’t acknowledged (at leasr not how it should be) by our family members, is often ignored even in its most severe forms by society as a whole. It’s truly disheartening that our friends and family treat this serious subject like it’s not their business. I want to share my personal experiences and educate the public on the silent abuse: emotional and verbal abuse. Domestic violence is a horrible thing, and that includes emotional and verbal abuse.

My name is Scared Gyrl. I’m scared because I, too, have and continue to deal with abuse.  I’m scared and as a result, have to keep this blog anonymous so that the abuser in my life, my husband of frowns almost 19 years, didn’t know about it and doesn’t believe he’s an abuser of any kind. I have dealt with emotional and verbal abuse for so long that I don’t really remember a time when it wasn’t a part of my life. It has progressed as time went on and is now to the point that I have begun to hate myself. I’m ashamed I stayed and didn’t seek help. I have always tried to blamed myself for the abuse, I suppose blaming myself makes it less intolerable.

But I have found my saving grace. Having a BA in Psychology from Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California, has really helped me to realize, after many years of self work and education that I have a chance in truly being free from this nightmare, as well as finding peace, happiness, and self-acceptance. And that is by escaping my relationship, first and foremost. But also through seeking enlightenment. which is a spiritual goal I have also been working on, as well as blogging about. I can’t really explain without writing twenty pages, the exact meaning of what enlightenment is but, if you are reading this and you are also a victim of emotional and verbal abuse, I highly suggest that you Google enlightenment. It has truly changed my life and I’m only working on it, not yet achieved it but have had moments of experiencing awakening.

If you have any comments or questions email me at emotionalabusehurts@cybergal.com


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