Stop Bullying Me!

I would like to highly recommend a book on domestic violence I recently finished which helped me realize how many types of emotional abuse there are, as well as to make me realize just how severe the abuse is I’ve been dealing with. Certainly a lot of domestic violence situations are much worse than the victim realizes or is willing to accept based on their current knowledge of what constitutes abuse. Continue reading Stop Bullying Me!

Domestic Violence Art: Heart-Wrenching

I came across these pieces of amazing art on domestic violence, so done by children. I think this type of art depicts a subject and serious social issue in this country which needs to be better addressed and prevention and ending strategies strengthened.

If you’re being abused, please visit:




I’m available if you need any assistance with locating information or making contact with any of the organizations, email me @  Thank you for reading :-)

Dealing With Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is very difficult to deal with on a day to day basis, especially if it’s severe, ever gets violent or if it is escalating, in which case it will definitely only continue to get worse. There are so many resources for women who are dealing with abuse and I will eventually add them to this site, but for now I’m not going to preach about getting help when I myself have failed to do so. There are many ways you can cope with the feelings which accompany abuse, and attempt to help the situation successfully, without using any resources at all, other than maybe a counselor or therapist. I suggest everyone go to counseling on a regular basis whether they have problems or not. Continue reading Dealing With Emotional Abuse