Here I Go Again

…I kiss him softly on his lips before I leave the room momentarily to grab something from the kitchen. I turn to look at him before turning the corner to the hallway, and he smiles so big as he watches me walk all the way to the kitchen. Gone no more than sixty seconds, I walk back to the room and his door feels locked; I realize he locked me out on purpose; I must have taken too long in the kitchen. I lightly knock on his door. He opens it, only to have for me rage all over his face; his own eyes look angry..dark..dead…as if he has become someone else entirely… Continue reading “Here I Go Again”


Domestic Violence Art: Heart-Wrenching

I came across these pieces of amazing art on domestic violence, so done by children. I think this type of art depicts a subject and serious social issue in this country which needs to be better addressed and prevention and ending strategies strengthened.

If you’re being abused, please visit:




I’m available if you need any assistance with locating information or making contact with any of the organizations, email me @  Thank you for reading :-)

Long-Term Effects of Verbal Abuse

Effects-of-Relationship-to-Abuser-on-Wellbeing pdf doc
Unless you have had the occasion to be in a verbally or emotionally abusive relationship or marriage, it is very easy to think that verbal abuse is “no big deal” or “not as bad as physical abuse”. Quite the contrary, however. Verbal and emotional abuse is so damaging to a person’s emotional well-being and state of mind that, if inflicted over a long period of time, it can severely and even irreversibly damage the victim’s mental health.

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