Hard-to-Find Resources for Other Forms of Domestic Violence

This post is an extension of my earlier post, Resources & Statistics from a Longtime Victim, in which I provided links to a myriad of resources and information for victims of domestic violence of all forms, as well as gave current statistics in regard to domestic violence and links to some very important websites of domestic violence organizations. I want to expand on the information I already provided, as I came across information about other types of abuse which I hadn’t thought to list and which are not as often portrayed in the media or anywhere else in this country. I wanted to be thorough in my research, which I literally spent all day, from the time I woke up at 9:30 this morning until right now, 11:21pm. If there is any specific issue I have missed or if you would like to see a post about a specific topic, I would be happy to oblige, email me at: emotionalabusehurts@cybergal.com Continue reading Hard-to-Find Resources for Other Forms of Domestic Violence